College Interview Questions

College Interview Questions – step by step

Normally, colleges conduct interviews for incoming students to assess their skills and help them know which area of discipline they can excel or put their talents into harnessing.  However, they do not merely assess the student’s knowledge capabilities.  They also gauge personality and character to let them know if the student fits into their set of principles and profile.

College Interview Questions
College Interview Questions


In order to equip the candidates for college admission, here are some most commonly asked questions by the interviewers from different colleges and corresponding tips:


Tell me something about yourself.

  • This basic inquiry is trickier than how it sounds. It actually means, “How has your life been going on?”  It can be very tempting to answer casually in the lines that go something like: “I’m feeling great,” or “I’m a very likeable person.”  The thing is, give information that can trigger good impression or can brand an image of you among other applicants.


College Interview Questions
College Interview Questions



What got you interested in our college?

  • Be as honest and as accurate as you can be in answering this question. Refrain from answering blunt answers such as stating statistics of the employment of their alumni or how their college is a company magnet.



What do you expect or would like to know about our college?

  • This is the moment whereby you can show that their college is your first choice and not just one of your choices. Be sure to have ready questions at hand. This opportunity attests your eagerness in knowing the environment where you will learn or hone your craft. Example questions are like:
    • “What could be the most memorable experience of your graduates within their 4 years of stay here?”
    • “I read about your program in __________. Could you tell me more about that?”



Who in your life has most influenced you?

  • This question may be in the form of the following:
    • Who’s your real life hero?
    • Who is the historical (or fictional) character you aspire to be?
  • While this question may be ambiguous, it’s vital to answer this question as articulately as possible. State the reason why you regard highly that particular figure.


Why do you want to major in ______________?

  • It’s not a crime to answer that you are still searching about your possible major. The key is to answer honestly without telling that you’re irresponsible or indecisive.  However, if you have already chosen your major, do not implicate your material reasons of choosing it.



What will you contribute to our campus community?

  • Specificity is a must in answering this question. Avoid answering in vague form such as, “I’m a very reliable individual.”  Cite programs or where you can actively participate.



Tell me about a challenge that you overcame.

  • Your reply should reflect your ability to troubleshoot problems. College life is full of challenges that should be met.  The interviewer is likely to assess your psychological capacity or readiness for college life in this question.
College Interview Questions
College Interview Questions


Does your high school record accurately reflect your effort and ability?

  • In the interview or on your application, you often have an opportunity to explain a bad grade or a bad semester. Be careful with this issue — you don’t want to come across as a whiner or as someone who blames others for a low grade. However, if you really did have extenuating circumstances, let the college know


How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

  • The interviewer measures your optimism and planning here. Nevertheless, as you don’t accurately have the answers, you can provide three different answers for this question. Open-mindedness and sincerity are vital points here.