College Mistakes to Avoid

College Mistakes to Avoid – 5 steps

Different from your high school days, college life is a period wherein you actually enhance your choice of discipline or particular study.  Albeit some myths suggest that college is purely seriousness, some college students can prove that college life is also fun.  The gist is: whether you may find enjoyment or pure seriousness during college is simply your own choice.  However, one must be aware of the commonly committed mistakes during college:


College Mistakes to Avoid
College Mistakes to Avoid

                5th Place: Failure to explore and have some fun.  College isn’t all about précis, thesis, theme papers, exams and research.  It’s also a golden field to make friends and expand your network.  Have a social life.  Seek people whom you can share your interests with, and don’t be afraid to befriend people whom you may find to be your exact opposite.  Socialize and try something new from time to time.


                4th Place: Failing to make right decisions because of alcohol. It’s okay to socialize and party because it’s one way of relaxation for young people.  However, deciding on things while under the influence of alcohol may lead you to different serious mistakes. Don’t let alcohol run things for you. 


                3rd Place: Failure to commit a mistake. Exploration gets the bigger part of college life.  By exploring things, you learn.  And while you learn, you commit mistakes.  Do not be afraid of committing mistakes from time to time because it will lead you to growth and understanding of things.  Moreover, being so uptight may rob you of growth experiences.  Learn to be daring once in a while.


                2nd Place: Failure to accomplish work experience.   Introduce yourself to the nature of work whether charity or paid.  Your objective is to know about the professional world which you will join eventually after college.  This also sets you an edge over others when you apply later on.


                1st Place:  Failing to graduate.  The greatest taboo of them all is… not graduating.  This epic failure summarizes your attitude towards the different aspects of your college life: self-discipline, attitude towards work or studies and responsibility.  Remember, your sense of balance is needed in college.  You can have time for fun as well as time for studies.  Graduation concludes that sense of balance.


College Mistakes to Avoid
College Mistakes to Avoid