College and University What’s the Difference between the Two

College and University: What’s the Difference between the Two?

Nowadays, most people including students are still baffled about the difference between a college and a university in general. It’s somehow very sad to know that even college students don’t know the difference. In addition to that, try to ask some professors about this and they’re at a loss for words, too.


Most of us (even college students) don’t even think that it’s a big deal for us to know the difference. However, just think of this thing: What if somebody asks you about this one? What are you going to tell him or her about the difference between the two?


In addition to this matter, most of us usually think that a college and a university are different because of its size. Well, universities tend to be bigger but, do you know the reason why?


Listed below are the reasons that make the difference between a college and a university so take time to read this:

  1. Colleges only offer undergraduate programs; Universities offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. If you don’t have any idea about what undergraduate programs are, these are the programs that start with the phrase “Bachelor of…” then the course itself. If it isn’t that obvious, Colleges are only permitted by the government to offer undergraduate study programs, though some colleges are also associated with some existing universities. Universities, on the other hand, not only offer Bachelor’s Degree Courses but also graduate programs as well. If you don’t know graduate programs, these are the programs that let you get a Master’s (MA) or a Doctor’s (PhD) Degree. In addition to this, universities also include law and medical schools as well as graduate schools.


  1. Colleges are smaller because of the limit in courses that they offer. Unlike universities, colleges tend to be smaller than universities due to the fact that they are only permitted to offer undergraduate programs. Because of this, they don’t need a bigger building in order to accommodate the students. Even if some colleges are associated with an existing university, the policy still remains.


  1. Universities are bigger because of different courses and departments. Aside from the fact that most universities are government-controlled, universities are known to have bigger buildings and facilities because of the large scope of courses that it offers. Nowadays, universities are known to have a law or medical school in addition to Bachelor programs. In addition to that, every course has a different department that is ruled by a different head, unlike in colleges where the administrative work is usually done by only one group.