How Corporal Punishment May Harm Kids – 4 Steps


Parents are also humans who also have finite patience even towards their growing up kids who are in the stage of emotional development. However, to be able to guide and discipline your child to behave properly is all up to you as a parent.  You must have the iron-clad will and a cotton-soft heart all the same to be able to make things work for your growing up child. So how do you do this?


How Corporal Punishment May Harm Kids
How Corporal Punishment May Harm Kids


  • Refrain from yelling even if it comes as an instinct. Yelling is the most common defensive-offensive response of almost anyone (even adults) who is in the verge of losing patience.  But think of the effect it has on your child.  Do you think that it’s the proper discipline you must do? This is just another way of telling your kid that aggression is the right way to do things.  Besides, an adult who is used to yelling doesn’t look too respectable.


  • You should not spank your child. While this issue is still arguable, recent studies in psychology has found out bad effects of corporal punishment to children. Spanking, hitting and other forms of corporal punishment may lead to violent behavior as the child grows and eventually, as an adult.


  • Talk to your child in the way he or she understands. This is one of the most difficult steps.  Yelling and spanking are too easy ways to convey to your child that you are displeased with what he has done.  Moreover, a toddler isn’t someone who can truly understand well yet, right? But talk with your child anyway. Your body language and facial expressions should be enough to let him know about what you are trying to say.  Remember that kids are sensitive. They will know what you feel.


  • Be a good model of proper manners and right conduct. Kids always look up to role models. Be their very first role model when it comes to behaving properly.
How Corporal Punishment May Harm Kids
How Corporal Punishment May Harm Kids






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