How to Avoid College Financial Aid Scams and Tricks—4 Ways


You can sometimes realize that going to college can really be a cutthroat experience.  While you are battling applications, finishing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), interviews, scholarships and—even—part time jobs, scammers come and waddle hard-to-ignore opportunities “guaranteeing” sure-ball financial aid for your college life.  So, the good question is: How do you avoid these opportunistic scammers?

How to Avoid College Financial Aid Scams and Tricks
How to Avoid College Financial Aid Scams and Tricks


Remember that FAFSA is for free!

Do not pay any forms most especially if the person or website is offering you FAFSA. When asked for a debit or credit card in order to complete your FAFSA, by any means, leave! Be reminded as well that you must not easily impart your personal information.


Always base your college financial aid information with FAFSA.

When you surf through the net for college financial aids, chances are you meet most of these scammers using the powerful word “guarantee” to spark your interest with their so-called “help.”  Avoid these unprincipled blackguards by sticking to the information provided by FAFSA itself.


Search for Scholarships on Legitimate Sites

The Department of Labor in the United States gives enough details when you want to avail scholarships which can be State-wise and category-wise.  If you came up with the knowledge about a certain non-government organization granting scholarships for college students, research about them first through their official web portal.  Don’t waste time and valuable money with third-party websites promising you with “mere promises.”


Find Legitimate Student Loan Programs

Your college or university should be the first to offer you for student loan program which will depend also on your qualification.  Ask around, most especially to other students who are under loan programs.  Know the facts such as rates, interests and method of repayment.

How to Avoid College Financial Aid Scams and Tricks
How to Avoid College Financial Aid Scams and Tricks





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