How to Prevent Kids from Smoking

How to Prevent Kids from Smoking – 3 Steps

Study shows that approximately 70% of the adult smokers have started their vice as teenagers (or younger). Most of the people included in the statistics had tasted their first cigarette by the age of 11 and have been a strong smoker by 14 years old. With this alarming statistics, how can one as a parent make measures to prevent their kids from the smoking vice?  If you’re a parent or a guardian, you may want to know about the following steps to help your kids:

How to Prevent Kids from Smoking
How to Prevent Kids from Smoking


  1. Know why your kids smoke.
    • Most smokers tend to use the substance when they feel anxious or stressed out. It is the same with the kids.  They tend to smoke to hide their anxieties and worries.  As a parent, it is your duty to know about your kids.  Remember that you are their first teacher, psychologist, adviser and life coach.  Really communicate with them.
    • Talk with them in their own language. As an adult, your scope of knowledge for negative possibilities on the smoking issue is already broad.  However, know that your kid isn’t like you.  He or she only thinks and looks at the present.  Try to use their language. It might be tricky, yes. But remember that you were once a kid, too.


  1. Be a Proper Model
    • There’s no better way but to be a living testimony of what you preach. How can you say to your child, “Quit smoking,” and all the while you are a smoker yourself? Isn’t that hypocrisy? Do yourself a favor: Help yourself and your child.


  1. Provide your kids with scientific bases and simple truths
    • Search for facts and teach your child of these scientific truths. Children always look for the truth and there’s no better way of leading them than to bare them the very facts about smoking.  You may want to give him scientific details and health history of some relatives. Your presentation will be up to you, so be creative in doing so.