How to Spend a Week in college without money

How to Spend a Week in college without money

College students should learn how to handle their finances even during college.  You may have well-off parents, but it will still be to your advantage that you obtain the ability to handle finances even at the earlier stage of your life.  While, spending less can be an easy challenge, how does spending “none” appeal to you?  Is this possible?

How to Spend a Week in college without money
How to Spend a Week in college without money


  • Action Plan No. 1: Plan how to eliminate your transportation.
  • Hard challenge? Actually it isn’t the ultimate challenge.  You can opt for walking, biking, roller-skating or carpooling with your classmate and buddies—just make a schedule.  There are a lot of creative ways that are fun as well as beneficial to your health.


  • Action Plan No. 2: Figure out how you to eat.
  • Here’s the toughest of the lot. As you need fuel to go about every day, how would you do this?    Rummage to your supplies and do your own food.  Make sandwiches, eat apples or offer services in exchange of food.


  • Action Plan No. 3: Think of excuses not to go out.
  • List in advance those colorful but reasonable excuses you can think about to turn those temptations down. For example, your friends ask you to join them for a bar hopping, tell them that you need to finish some proofreading you are commissioned to do.


  • Action Plan No. 4: Select activities without the presence of spending.
  • You can volunteer charity works. Organizers take good care of the volunteers.  They prepare food and sometimes offer recreation after a job well done.


  • Action Plan No. 5: Instead of spending money, invest!
  • You can do handicrafts or do some tutoring to gain money. Your handicrafts can be showcased and bought though the internet (which is free in Wi-Fi hotspots).  Tutoring can be done via online, too.  Just search for online academies that offer such programs, or search for individuals in your own campus who needs your skill. Easy, isn’t it?