Improving Your Writing Skills

Improving Your Writing Skills – 5 Steps

Given that you’re already a talented individual in writing, are you going to stagnate yourself with the idea of it? Just like any artist serious of their craft, you must find ways to enhance your style and way of words to bring out the best in you.  While you’re not perfect, remember that every imperfection is perfect in its own way.  So start improving your writing skill anyway!

Improving Your Writing Skills
Improving Your Writing Skills


It may be a cliché, but return to the basics.

  • Bear in mind that “active” is always preferable than “passive” whether in person or in written form (of course there are a few exemptions). Fill your stories with active voice to let your audience fill the excitement, drama or humor.


Strong words drives out the best in your style.

  • Strong, powerful lexis end ennui in extensive reading. Wonder how the novelists make it? They tend to become voracious creatures that are always hungry for words.
  • Reading from newspapers, magazines, pocketbooks, short stories, and—yeah—even advertisements can extend your vocabulary.


Improving Your Writing Skills
Improving Your Writing Skills


Be terse and minimize clichés.

  • Don’t spend too much adjectives or adverbs because you can put them somewhere else. Cut the trash and stick to simplicity.  When you can put 10 words and be concise, go with it.  Lengthy sentences reflect dullness, with few exemptions.
  • Unless you want to make a point over something, don’t insert clichés. You’re a creative individual so make your own phrases and expressions.


Rules are meant to be… well, ignored.

  • Why do you think there are avant-gardes in their own fields? Answer: These people are not afraid to break rules imposed by some people somehow. They make their own standards and are redeemed through them. They set individuality, new style and trend. If you’re aiming a revolutionary art, do not be afraid to explore.


Learn to have patience in editing.

  • This one is one of the most common problems a writer has to face. After spending a large scale of time period, cutting off and scenarios or correcting is really a painful task to do.  But look at it positively; you are processing your masterpiece to be something much better.