Life Skills that Young Adults May Not Realize that They’re Going to Need

Life Skills that Young Adults May Not Realize that They’re Going to Need

As we all know, schools and universities actually teach us things that will make us look much better. Academics are known to sharpen our minds while Athletics helps give us a physically-fit body. In addition to that, schools and universities orient us into the world that most successful people live in.


The truth is, most schools nowadays had failed to teach us more important things. Most schools nowadays teach us how to think and act like a human but failed in teaching us on how to live like one. Because of this, we’re almost acting like mere robots for the rest of our lives.

Life Skills that Young Adults May Not Realize that They’re Going to Need

The truth is, young adults nowadays must learn some life skills that most schools failed to teach us. Most of us can actually say that this is common sense. However, whether we accept it or not, these are actually the things that most of us don’t learn in schools and universities alone.


Listed below are some of these good and very useful life skills:

  1. Notes of Condolence – As we all know, we’re actually taught how to write both formal and informal letters of any kind by our schools. However, they had failed in teaching us this one. Even though learning this sure sounds ridiculous, we must not forget that people who had lost their loved ones usually need support and sympathy from those who are around them.


  1. What gifts to bring for the Party Host or Hostess – Even though most parties actually don’t require this one, it’s a sign of courtesy that you must not bring yourself empty-handed whenever you got yourself invited to a party. This is to show both respect and appreciation to the one who invited you in.


  1. Making rather small talks. As most people are doing right now, the only thing that adults usually talk about is none other than business. However, we must teach young adults on how to talk to a person in accordance to usual points of interests such as vacations and hobbies.


  1. Doing home repairs all by themselves. Even though most countries are technologically-advanced, most parents fail to teach their children on how to do some home repairs such as replacing worn-out light fixtures, fixing clogged drain pipes, home gardening and much more. Unknown to most of us, these are the things that are actually very useful whenever the need comes. As most people know, most of us don’t exactly have the money to avail a repairman’s services at all times.