Good Study Group Member

Rules in Being a Good Study Group Member – College Life


When exams are just around the corner, students cram all over campus premises to better prepare themselves.  While some opt for individual type of review, others choose to go together and create a study group.


Good Study Group Member
Good Study Group Member


Given that a group study best suits your style of reviewing, how can you be a good member of the group? What we’re going to talk about here are some points one must observe when participating a group study:


Good Study Group Member
Good Study Group Member


Point #1: Be prompt regarding your schedule. 

  • Remember that you are studying together to save up time by throwing your ideas together and sharing your knowledge. Showing up late means wasting the most valuable factor affecting your review, plus you’ll earn your groups disapproval.  You may lose your chance of having reliable mates.


Point #2: Be prepared.

  • Don’t be a useless member. Be sure that you have something that you can share with your fellow co-members.  You are combining your knowledge during the review, thus earning progress.  Save yourself from embarrassment of having nothing to contribute, and be labeled as the unreliable one within the group.



Point #3: Show respect in all aspects, in all time.

  • Disagreement may arise since you are contributing ideas, knowledge and opinions. However, as you are in an educated class, show attitude that exudes as one! You may express your disagreement without being rude.



Point #4: Remember your primary goal.

  • Stick to your objectives but don’t forget the fun. The people within the group are usually outgoing individuals who love fun and ceaseless expression of themselves.  That’s why they chose this review scheme instead of studying by themselves.  However, they may have repercussions of enjoying “too much.”  Be sure to realign your goals.



Point #5: Give your notice in advance when you can’t show up.

  • This is respect and responsibility speaking. Don’t let your group mates wait on nothing.  Whatever the reason of your absence may be, offer an apology and a promise to make it up to them.
Good Study Group Member
Good Study Group Member