Statement of Purpose for Masters (sample) : Montclair State University

Date: December 2017

Montclair State University
The Graduate School
1 Normal Avenue,
Montclair, NJ 07043

Dear Sir/Madam

My fondness in applied sciences can be traced back to my high school days. The fascination for electronic gadgets never stopped it turned into a hobby. My curious mind turned ideas into the actual designing and building of basic circuits. I find joy and excitement in the problem-solving aspect of electronic gadgets and creating working models.

Engineering was a natural choice, I pursued an Undergraduate Study in Electrical Engineering (3 years Diploma). I was awestruck by subjects like Computer techniques in the Power system, Digital signal processors, Analog electronic circuits, Digital electronic circuits, Advanced microprocessors, and Product preparation. More so with the manner the computer language control devices which revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT). In my final year, my major project was about microprocessors and my thirst for knowledge regarding its architecture and how it works never waned.

This cultivated me to take another Undergraduate Course in Information Technology (B-tech). During the course of the study, I was exposed to subjects like computing, computer networking, computer games technology, and informatics.I deeply enjoyed learning about programming and systems analysis.With my mathematics background in Engineering, I performed very well in subjects concerning calculus, statistics, and differential equations.

With a strong grasp of fundamentals in Engineering and Information Technology, I developed a deep interest in pursuing graduate studies in MS in Computer Science offered by Montclair State University. Apart from the extraordinary framework and laboratory amenities, subjects like Software Engineering, Robotics, Computer Architecture, Web development, and Operating systems will help me in my future career goals. It would be a blessing to be under the tutelage of renowned professors. An opportunity to interact with people in an intellectual environment and work with the state-of-the-art equipment will make my dreams come to fruition. I am excited to enter another phase of my life and it is my aspiration to be a member of Montclair State University. I intend to follow this up with a Ph.D. study and a career in research and teaching afterward.

I am no stranger to working with people of diverse cultures. As an online web developer, I have worked with American and Canadian companies. During my college days, I handled websites of foreign companies.

When my hometown was hit by a natural disaster I had the opportunity to help people in need. I organized to reach out groups to raise money to buy food, blankets, and other supplies.

I bring along a sound educational background, work experience, teamwork, and a zest for learning more. I hope that my background and qualifications would merit your favorable approval.