Stay Safe when You’re in School

How to Stay Safe when You’re in School

In this world where we are living right now, being and staying safe is a basic necessity. Now that the crime rate is now experiencing its all-time high, it’s a wrong thing to think that where you’re at right now is entirely safe all the time. In the U.S., an estimated 2.4 million women are assaulted in college campuses per year. It is saddening to know that the place of education can also be used as a place of crime.


Stay Safe when You’re in School
Stay Safe when You’re in School


It doesn’t mean, however, that because school isn’t completely safe, you’re going to stop your studies altogether. You should continue studying, if I were you, provided that you can accomplish these five things every single day.


These are the things that you must not fail to do:



First Step – Always beware of Danger Zones

U.S. Law Enforcement calls the first two months of school, September and October, the Red Zone because of the dangers that are occurring in these times of year. Exercise extra caution, especially if you’re taking night classes and learn everything about your campus’ overall layout.


Second Step – Carry Protection especially when You’re walking Alone


Protection such as pepper sprays or gel can help you, along with your presence of mind, in times when somebody tries to assault you. You can use those; especially if you’re a woman, in order to temporarily disable your assailant, therefore giving you time to run.


Third Step – Always try to have some Company

Don’t try to go home alone, especially if your class finishes during night time. Having some company, especially if you’re just walking towards your home, can be a great help.


Fourth Step – Be Aware of your Surroundings

Most people, especially women, get assaulted as they are walking while calling or texting somebody in their smartphone. This should not be, especially if you’re walking during night time.


Fifth Step – Take Safety Courses

Trying to learn safety courses like martial arts or self-defense can benefit you greatly, not only in your campus but everywhere. This can also discourage a potential attacker, whether you’re inside or outside the school.