Teachers Can Build a Trusting Relationship with Their Principal

How to Establish Teacher-Principal Rapport – 5 Valuable Tips

Ideally, the teacher-principal relationship should exhibit great camaraderie for the students.  However, this is a little bit difficult in reality.


A principal’s task by nature is pretty much diverse compared to a teacher’s.   The head teacher is expected to be demanding, friendly, encouraging, reprimanding, as well as other things to balance the learning environment and bring out its maximum potential.

Teachers Can Build a Trusting Relationship with Their Principal
Teachers Can Build a Trusting Relationship with Their Principal


The teachers, on the other hand, must know the value of having a trusting relationship with the principal. We give you 10 suggestions on how to establish teacher-principal rapport:


  • Be a Leader
  • A principal trusts a teacher who has the initiative not only to follow but to lend a helping hand to fellow teachers who need a ‘push.’ It also means that a teacher must be dependable and not someone who is irresponsible.


  • Be Organized and Prepared
  • Organizational skills reflect preparedness and hard work. How can a principal trust someone whose classroom is a clutter and does their lessons in a haphazardly manner?


  • Be a Professional
  • Professionalism exhibits appropriate dress, attitude and manner of relating unto others inside or outside school premises.


  • Always Have a Room for Improvement
  • Don’t be stagnant since teaching is evolutionary. Know that learning is an unending process even if you’re a teacher yourself.  Gain more knowledge, skills and self-development that you can impart to your fellow teachers and students.


  • Be Willing to Go Beyond
  • Principals trust teachers who go beyond their tasks and responsibilities outside the classroom. You may tutor struggling students, help other teachers with projects  or other extracurricular activities.