Criminology Careers That Do Not Need a Degree


Not everybody are able to afford to go to college may the reason be of financial basis or a more personal one.  While a bachelor’s degree is a determining factor for a good career opportunity, an individual who had fallen short of such achievement should not close doors to other accomplishments.   There are a lot of career chances that do not require papers certifying that you have a degree on a certain course.


Whilst these jobs are not as glamorous as other jobs, they are just equally challenging and great in terms of execution of justice and order.  So what are these jobs specifically?  These jobs are in the field of criminology and criminal justice.  Yes, they are the very people who give us the protection and let us keep a harmonious and peaceful life.


  1. Police Officer
    • One does not have to accomplish a degree to be an officer. Under a good military training, commendable work experience and an average performance in high school, an individual should be able to qualify to get into the police academy and be hailed as an officer later on.  These guys are the very ones who patrol and monitor our neighborhood, keeping our little community in line and at peace.  They can handle and investigate minor transgressions and offences, execute law enforcement and deal with vehicular accidents.
    • Officers at entry level can gain as much as $30,000- 45,000 per annum. This position is also open for promotion depending on the officer’s performance in duty.
Police Officer
Police Officer


  1. Loss Prevention Specialist
    • Their primary job description is to protect and safeguard merchandise of retail stores from theft by both employees and customers. Companies usually hire these specialists to minimize—if not eradicate—this occurring problem.
    • The basic yearly income for this type of job is $50,000 with a promise of advancement of career to management position.
Loss Prevention Specialist
Loss Prevention Specialist


  1. Corrections and Detention Officer
    • Before one can be a corrections and detention officer, he must have undergone rigid training under the meticulous supervision of the Police Academy. This job requires tough as nails individuals to work under the imprisonment system and serve keeping convicted criminals in line. They usually work in odd hours and intermittent shifts, within close bars almost like the prisoner themselves.  The security is also at high risk and their lives in constant danger.
    • Despite the nature of this job, detention officers often start at $20,000-30,000 annual stipend.
Corrections and Detention Officer
Corrections and Detention Officer


  1. Police Dispatchers

The ticket for this job is to gain high school diploma or any satisfactory equivalent granted by a recognized educational body.  However, a detailed and commendable public contact work experience is required before one can get into this line of work.  The dispatchers are front liners


Police Dispatchers
Police Dispatchers



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