Federal Protective Serivce Career

Federal Protective Service Career – 3 steps

The Federal Protective Service is law- maintaining branch for the security and protection of the United States federal government, personnel and assets.  In the hierarchy, FPS is within the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate.  For individuals who are aspiring to work under criminology and criminal justice, FPS is one agency that you should target to work for.

Federal Protective Serivce Career
Federal Protective Serivce Career


Federal Protective Service careers range from security guards, uniformed police officers to investigative special agents.  However, there are some positions that may be new to our hearing:


  • Explosive Dog Detection Teams – composed of K-9 officers which are specially trained to monitor and perform rounds with government facilities. They are the ones that respond when there are bomb threats.  They make sure that government buildings and highly restricted zones are liberated from explosives.


  • Hazardous Response Team – is assigned to respond, detect and clear explosive assaults which are radioactive, chemical and biological in nature.


  • Protective Investigation Program – dispatches FPS special agents to inspect vicious intimidation against government personnel, the members of the Congress, high status dignitaries, facilities and buildings.



Moreover, the FPS also conducts background check ups or character investigations on the contract employees of the Department of Homeland Security.  They also give trainings in crime deterrence and crucial planning in emergency cases for the occupants of government buildings and/or facilities.


For the aspiring FPS police officers, candidates should have achieved at least a high school diploma or some units in college.  However, for higher ranks like the investigative special agents of the FPS, aspirant should have accomplished a college degree or a broad background experience in law enforcement and crime investigation.  Remember, that you will be dealing with a tremendous task of securing people, high profile facilities and a part of the federal government. Hence, one should have what it takes to be a part of the team of Federal Protection Service.


Federal Protective Serivce Career
Federal Protective Serivce Career