Delphi in Reading XML Files

How to Use Delphi in Reading XML Files

Delphi is a program that descended from Turbo Pascal and was developed and released by Borland in February twenty years ago. It can be used in order to open, read and manipulate XML files. In the past, it is said to be a compiler that runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows ‘95 OS. Using the program, you can view the entire XML file’s components and structure, providing that you already know everything about XML programming (otherwise you won’t understand what it means).

Delphi in Reading XML Files
Delphi in Reading XML Files


Understanding Delphi Programming String

  1. Since it is XML, it must be well-informed, include a prolog and DTD, aside from all elements being closed.
  2. The first element, the <rss> must include a mandatory version attribute. Otherwise, Delphi won’t be able to recognize it.
  3. The <channel> element can be compared to HTML’s <body> tag since it contains the main details of the feed.
  4. The <title> element could either mean the title of the entire site (must be located at the top) or of the current item (must be within the <item> element).
  5. The <link> element provides the URL or the address of the Web Page that’s within the RSS Feed. If it’s within the <item> element, it means that it is the web address of that particular item.
  6. The <description> could either describe the RSS Feed or the item where it’s located in.
  7. The <item> element is the feed’s content itself.


Bear in mind that XML is being updated every day so you must download the whole source code first before trying to do any manipulation (the source code is the whole program data itself). In addition to that, you must have the Delphi Program installed in your PC.