How to Put Accelerated Mobile Pages in your WordPress Page?

WordPress AMP (short for Accelerated Mobile Pages) makes an optimized mobile view of your WordPress blogs. It works out just like Facebook’s Instant Articles feature. Since most people are now using smartphones when it comes to browsing the internet, having this kind of feature in your WordPress blog is a basic necessity. This is a new feature from WordPress so expect that they are going to add more useful features after some time.


To those who don’t know yet, the AMP plugin optimizes your WordPress Page so it will only load the necessary content to mobile devices unlike in desktops. Since only the important ones are being loaded, you can expect that this makes your WordPress blogs load faster when it is viewed in mobile.



In order to enable WordPress AMP, you must do these:

  1. Install the AMP WordPress Plugin. This official WordPress Plugin was actually announced by the site a few months ago which is, according to them, will optimize the loading of WordPress Blogs in mobile devices. In order to use this, you must download and install this plugin in your WordPress Blogs. Once activated, it will provide an AMP version of your WordPress Blog Posts.


  1. Access your WordPress Blog’s Accelerated Mobile Page Version. You must test whether the plugin works or not by putting amp/ at the end of your WordPress site URLs. If that works, you can view your WordPress Blogs in AMP version.