Google AdSense Account

How to Get an Approved Google AdSense Account

Even though there are lots of Blog and Website Monetization strategies that are available for Bloggers and Web Masters alike, there’s no doubt that so far, Google AdSense is still the best as of date. However, getting approved by Google AdSense is a difficult task due to the fact that not only you are applying to get approved; there are lots of Bloggers out there, not only you.

Google AdSense Account
Google AdSense Account


If you want to get approved by Google AdSense, you must remember and do these necessary steps:

  1. You must have a Top Level Domain. If you have a custom domain, getting approved by Google AdSense can be somewhat easy. However, if you want to have the best results, you have to buy one for yourself.


  1. Get a customized Blog Template. It is proven that chances of getting approved by Google AdSense are higher if your blogs are using a custom template or design other than what Blogger, WordPress or Weebly can offer. However, always make sure that the blog template that you’re going to use is responsive, easy to browse and very user-friendly.


  1. Your Blog must have a unique content. Blogging nowadays isn’t just about writing without spelling and grammatical errors; you must also make sure that your blogs have a unique or original content. Since blogs are ranked via SEOs, it is necessary that you have unique blogs, sentence by sentence.


  1. Your Blog must have contact details. Well, some viewers want to get in touch with the Blogger, isn’t it? Other than that, Google AdSense also wants to make sure that you’re not a robot or your blogs isn’t fraudulent.


  1. Your Blogs must have an organic traffic. Google wants your viewers to be human so don’t waste your time using traffic tools in order to increase your blog views.


  1. You must have other Ads removed. Google AdSense has their own set of ads and they don’t want competitors when it comes to your blogs. That’s the reason why removing Ads provided by other companies are a must.