Best Female Blogger from India – Preet Sandhu

Preet Sandhu - All In all News
Preet Sandhu – All In all News

Q1: As a female blogger, who is your role model except from your parents?

Well, Yeah there are less female blogger and I am glad to enter this industry. I see every successful person as a role model as they inspire me to work hard and achieve my goal.


Q2: How did you discover Blogging? When and why did you start Blogging?

I entered blogging in year 2012. One of my friend introduced me in blogging.


Q3: What are the things that you find most challenging about blogging? What are your Blog topics and how did you select your niche?

I see blogging as fun activity where I can express my opinion regarding a particular subject. I write what I feel interesting and subject which I like the most and that becomes my niche.


Q5: Most bloggers find difficulties because their blog contains different niche and blog topics. Can you give us some advice regarding this issue?

When u start a blog you have a clear mindset like what you want to convey to your readers. With time you realize what is demanded by readers from your blog and that’s how I get my topics.


Q5: Do you think that Alex page rank plays a huge role for bloggers when it comes to site ranking? Why?

No I don’t feel Alexa plays a crucial role. I personally don’t believe in Alexa ranking

Alexa plays a crucial role on people phychology because it gives golbal ranking information ..But alexa can never judges the actual worth and perfornmance of blog.


Q6: Most people started blogging in order to have additional income. But after they met Google AdSense, they found out that blogging isn’t all about posting articles. What can you say to us about this one? Do you have any kind of advice for new bloggers?

Well, That’s true people especially teens enter blogging with a vision of making $$$$ as I find many people showing off much more then they actually earn but REALITY is that there are some big names who work underground.

So, If someone’s enters industry seeing a person showing off his earning with a mindset just to earn then surely he will fall.

For me blogging is expressing my viewpoint to world. Yes! Earning is important but I have invested my 2-3 years in learning that’s why I am here today.


Q7: As a Blogger, what can you say about the word Satisfaction?

In blogging there is no word satisfaction. When you reach this satisfaction level you kill your future. 99.9% people do this after earning few thousand dollars in this industry.


Q8: How active are you in blogging? How often do you update your blogs?

I have my own posting style for my various blogs. Some I update daily some weekly and some monthly.

Yes I am always active on my blogs.

Thank you Preet Sandhu, stay blessed