Chrome Custom Tabs

Chrome Custom Tabs: Google’s Solution to Faster Website Load Time

 There are many blogs and websites that swarm the internet nowadays. Due to high competition rates, a blogger or website developer must make sure that his or her site not only follows internet rules such as no plagiarism, meta tags, site description, etc. Aside from all of these, the blogger or website developer must make sure that the website that he or she has made loads quickly. This is usually achieved by making a mobile version of the website itself or optimizing the website as a whole. Other techniques include using WebViews in order to make their own in-app browser. However, Google now has a different solution for this problem, in the form of Chrome Custom Tabs.


Chrome Custom Tabs
Chrome Custom Tabs


To those who didn’t know, Chrome Custom Tabs is a Google Chrome Feature that lets its users decide on how will the sites that he or she visits will look like as a whole. Even without using WebView, Chrome Custom Tabs ensures the user that the site he or she visits often will load faster than before. This is possible due to the fact that Chrome Custom Tabs allows website developers to pre-start Chrome and pre-fetch their website’s contents for faster loading. Even if the website’s pages are viewed in desktop mode, the result will be the same: its loading time will be shortened significantly.


In addition to that feature, Website Developers will find this easy to operate due to the fact that there is definitely no need for them to build codes to manage cookies, request permissions and the like. This means that there is no need for internet users to provide their information repeatedly in every device that they are using just to view the sites that they visit.