How to Copy YouTube Playlists the Easy Way

Nowadays, almost everyone knows YouTube, especially if they are one of those who always listen to the latest music of the artist/s they follow. And being the number one site for free video streaming, YouTube has greatly changed for the better since its release. Aside from having the convenience to watch your favorite artist’s music videos, you can easily make a playlist, which enables you to play all of your favorite videos in just one click.


Copying YouTube Playlists: The Advantage

If someone had managed to make a playlist containing all of the YouTube videos that you would like to watch, you can easily save that playlist as your own. This is YouTube’s Save Playlist feature, allowing you to save that playlist without having to do all of the saving yourself. However, the problem with the feature is that you don’t have the control over someone’s playlist, which means that you just can’t stop that YouTube user from modifying his or her own playlist. Needless to say, you just can’t do anything if he or she decides to delete the playlist or add more videos in it. And what’s worse is that the YouTube user’s playlist will be deleted once his or her account is deleted due to various circumstances such as copyright infringement, which is rampant within YouTube website.


Due to obvious disadvantages, somebody had done the initiative of making a web app that will easily copy a YouTube user’s playlist and make it as your own. In other words, you will have no worries whenever the original owner decides to delete his or her own YouTube playlist since you already have a saved copy. In addition to that, you can now modify its contents since it’s now saved as your OWN PLAYLIST, which means that you have the sole control over it.


How YouTube Copier Works

Being a web app (meaning that it won’t work without an internet connection), the YouTube Copier can easily copy any YouTube user’s playlist, provided that it isn’t private. To use it, just sign in by using your Google account (the one you’re using in YouTube). Enter the YouTube user’s playlist URL (the one you want to copy) and choose your YouTube playlist’s privacy. After that, just click the Copy Playlist button and the copy of that playlist will be ready in your own YouTube Channel. What’s more is that you can easily copy playlists regardless of the number of saved videos.