Reasons Why Nobody Pays Attention to Your Blog

Five Reasons Why Nobody Pays Attention to Your Blog

A blogger usually makes a blog because he or she has something important to say, important things that need everybody’s attention. From starting a new blog up to updating and maintaining it, he or she perseveres and manages to hold on. But sad to say, nobody really pays attention to what he or she has to say. If you’re a blogger yourself, you may have encountered the same situation. That’s why as of now, you’re thinking that you don’t have the qualities of being one.

Reasons Why Nobody Pays Attention to Your Blog
Reasons Why Nobody Pays Attention to Your Blog


The truth is there are many factors that could be a reason why people don’t pay attention to your blogs, five of which are stated here:


  1. Your Blog isn’t mobile-friendly or does not have a mobile version. Due to the fact that not all people have computers inside their homes, most people are viewing internet content through their smartphones. That’s the reason why Blogger and WordPress encourage their users to provide a mobile-friendly version of their blogs or personal sites. If you want to have more traffic and visits in your site, you must make sure that you have this one.


  1. Your Blogs don’t have a particular Niche. Nowadays, the internet encourages all people to share their thoughts and feelings via their own blogs, things that most people don’t really pay attention to. Unless you’re a celebrity or an internet sensation, who cares whether you’re getting married or divorced?


It’s hard to accept these words but, if you really want others to view your site, why don’t you try to post something that can really get their attention? Why don’t you post some things that are really worth reading such as cooking recipes, events, gadget reviews, etc?


  1. Your Blog or Website isn’t that Welcoming to Your Readers. Unlike newspapers and magazines, people wanted their opinions known by their favorite blogger. As a blogger, you must make sure that they can send you comments or messages regarding your topic.


  1. Your Blog is not Accurate or is Deceitful. Some bloggers have misled people into viewing their sites by posting an attention-grabbing title but having a rather different or deceitful content. In order to earn your viewers’ trust, you must not do this.


  1. Your Blog or Website is not good at all. This is the most common problem of most blogs. Aside from the content being not entertaining, the blog’s design probably isn’t that appealing to them.