Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting Actually Does More Harm than Good

Most of us, especially the newbies, resort to everything that’s free in the internet. Who of you didn’t try using free softwares, free internet offers, etc. the World Wide Web is offering?


The truth is, when it comes to Internet, almost all free softwares and services mean nothing but harm to your computer and reputation. If you’re a professional blogger or an internet administrator, you must have known both the benefits and banes of using free web hosting services. But to those who don’t, well…here are the pros and cons of using those.


Free Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting


Free Web Hosting Usage Pros

There are only few benefits of using free Web Hosting. But if you’re going to ask the experts, the only benefit of using free Web Hosting is that the service is being offered for FREE.


The real reason behind Free Web Hosting Services is that these companies are still testing out their servers whether it’s working or not. If you’re a programmer yourself, you can take advantage of this thing. You can also take advantage of the fact that you’re the one who will do most of your website’s setup.


Free Web Hosting Usage Cons

Well…here are the cons of using Free Web Hosting Services:

  • Lots of Displayed Advertisements – Since you are a free web hosting service user, expect that you will be bombarded lots of advertisements due to the fact that the company still needs to profit something from you.


  • Well-planned ‘Testing Zone’ – To those who didn’t know, Web Hosting Companies are setting up free services due to the fact that they are still testing out their new domains. It usually means that whenever a new bug is discovered, their free users will surely suffer first.


  • Poor or No Web Support – Well…this is the most obvious fact that free web hosting users must expect beforehand. Since you’re just a free user, don’t expect that somebody will help you whenever a problem comes into your sites.

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