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How to Get Employed inside Google Creative Lab

Needless to say, most experts know that Google isn’t just a place for so-called technological innovation that employs technological experts; they are also in need of people under the creative side to work for them. It sure sounds very confusing but that’s the reason why the Google Creative Lab, a place for intense creativity, exists in the company.

maroon in color
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Janay Sor, the operations producer in Google Creative Lab London Office, revealed some important things to those who are interested to work with them:


  1. This job requires Resiliency, Grace, Calmness and Organization. Sor reveals that this job can become somewhat fast-paced and demanding, which can really cause you some stress if you don’t have these four things. Aside from working with the people you like, you must have the same goal in order to make challenges easier to deal with.


  1. This kind of job requires Communication, Collaboration and Empathy. Sor advises that if you want to have a job like hers, having these three qualities is a must-have for you. Since most work you’re going to do is to know the latest news concerning technology and making for yourself a new one, cooperation and teamwork is needed.


  1. Be proactive and share your knowledge. Having a Google Creative Lab job requires great and generous minds alike. Since the innovation starts with you and your team, it is necessary for every one of you to share your own ideas, ideas which will enable everyone to give back to the company.