Google Apps Referral Program

Everything You Need to Know about Google Apps Referral Program

We all know that most Google programs are absolutely free. That’s the reason why it is somehow astounding to know that they have a referral program. To those who don’t know referral programs, this is actually an income strategy for customers wherein they can generate a certain amount for every successful signups that their referrals make. This can be somewhat convenient, especially if you’re a Google Apps fan. However, due to the fact that referral system has money involved, the free plan of Google Apps is now removed. Don’t worry, though; their plan isn’t expensive.

Google Apps Referral Program
Google Apps Referral Program


Google Apps Referral Program is a popular company’s popular product. If you’re interested in Google Apps Referral Program, all you need to do is to sign up in their registration page. However, the Affiliate link of Google Apps for Work is not universal. Once you sign up, you must fill up the exact details, including your exact address. After filling up the necessary details, choose Submit for you to get your own referral link.


As of now, Google Apps doesn’t have a dashboard where you can track your referrals the easy way. However, they will send you a monthly email containing the referral information, paid and suspended accounts and most of all, free coupons list. You can also use the ThirstyAffiliates plugin to track your referral link and analytics history.


Since you’re a referral affiliate, how and when will you get paid? Well…if your referral decides to become a paid customer for at least four months, that’s when you get paid.