Grammar and Spelling Affects SEO Rating or Not

The Truth Behind Whether Grammar and Spelling Affects SEO Rating or Not

Due to loads of rich website content in the internet nowadays, it’s just normal that people are now encountering lots of grammatical and spelling errors in some site that they follow or surf to. Some Bloggers are using a tricky and funny kind of way in order to have their websites recognized as genuine, that is, by using or promoting ‘new words or languages’. Most of these are technically acceptable in the internet. However, if the issue is whether the spelling and grammar is correct, well…it’s definitely wrong.

Grammar and Spelling Affects SEO Rating or Not
Grammar and Spelling Affects SEO Rating or Not


Maybe it sounds a little bit confusing for you. Take Electronic Mail as a good example. In the past, its acronym is only spelled as ‘e-mail’. However, major sites such as Wikipedia are now considering ‘email’ as an alternate acronym. And actually, there are lots of these so-called spelling and grammatical issues online.


The truth is, people are rather free to type whatever they want online due to the fact that SEO or Search Engine Optimization tools don’t even care about spelling and grammar. You can just post even without bothering to spell anything correctly since all that SEOs care for is that your site provides rich, informative and quality content.


Most of you are thinking that since it’s just okay to SEOs, you can just post anything without paying too much attention to spelling and grammar. This is a very incorrect assumption and thinking in your case. It’s just okay for now but, who knows when SEOs such as Google and Yahoo will evaluate and check websites for these spelling and grammatical errors? When that time comes, expect that your websites are the first ones to go.