How to create a website

How to Create a Website – Procedure and Tips

“It is already cyber- age!” everyone says.  People who are part of at least one media site or have manifested their presence on the web are called ‘netizens.’ As social media goes from crazy to crazier, netizens and business establishments are seeking individuality for their own quirks.  So what’s the best way?  Answer: Owning your very own website.  Here’s how you will make it happen:

  1. Assuming that you already have an idea of what you want with your own website (which most of you have already done, I’m sure), the very first step you need to execute right away is to own a domain name and webhost. It’s a prerequisite if you want your own website. Anyway, You can avail the two by following this link:


How to create a website
How to create a website


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  1. Choose the theme that suits the concept of your website. Your host will be providing the styles and pre-made templates you can use, so you can simply select from them. Choose what is in line with your business (or concept) and personality.  . While your host may have their own standard when it comes to themes, try to individualize your web by experimenting with the very tools you are provided with.  If you’re still groping with the technicalities, consult the tutorials. They are actually all over the net.


Hone your techniques in perfecting the content, as the content is the most valuable part of your website.  It tells everything about you and your business, it determines the flow of traffic eventually.  Hence, crappy content puts you into a negative position and will suffer your popularity.  Experiment on lay-outs and determine the best of the lot.


  1. When all’s okay, put your scheme into reality: Publish it. It’s actually like opening your business, broadcasting it for everybody to know. Explain your intention, purpose, and yourself.  Choose words that will deliberately tell them how accommodating and competitive you are.


  1. Do not just stop there. Keep on adding more original, beneficial and winning contents or topics.  Moreover, be conscious of the quality of your content. When you successfully do this, viewers and readers will patronize your site.  Soon, you will be a traffic magnet!


  1. Invite advertisers, but consult your host first. This may be a tad tricky, but if you’re 100% sure of the quality of the content you provide, then do not delay. Ads mean monetary flow and income at hand.


However, you should be able to play this efficiently.  Consider the effects of numerous advertisements to your readers.  It’s pretty intimidating to have series of pop-ups that will deter the course of their research or reading.  Who wouldn’t be irked when something goes between you and your primary aim? So, there, handle those notices with extra care.


  1. Invest in marketing your site. There are a lot of ways in introducing your site to the world, whether gratis (or free) or cash required.  Anyway, start with what you can afford.  If you’re still struggling, endorse to your social media sites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…etc.  Free advertisement is right under those fingertips.  Just be diligent about it.


  1. Finally, enroll your website to the major Search Engines (or simply referred as SEO). Submit your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although the procedure varies from site to site, these search engines will surely instruct you how to do this.  Most of these SE’s will entail your sitemap (HTML or XML format). Some, like the three aforementioned major search engines, will just ask for your URL.



There should be no problem if you do these steps with utmost attention.  So, be free to explore and create your website.  Keep those creative juices flowing and good luck!

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