Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram

How to Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram has reached at least 400 million users around the world due to its ability to share pictures the easy way. Just imagine if you can get that amount of traffic in your website. This is surely a very nice and sizable amount, isn’t it?

Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram
Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram


If in case you didn’t know, you can use Instagram to add traffic in your website just by doing these easy steps:


  1. Add your website or blog address to your Profile Bio. Since Instagram lets you add a website link to your Instagram Profile, you can just add one and let people check that out.


  1. You must add more Instagram Followers. This is the most important step if you want to get traffic in your blog or website. The more the people see you, the more chances that you will have more traffic.


  1. You can add website links to your posted photos. This may seem too much to do for you if you’re the kind that posts 100+ photos per day. But if you want to increase potential traffic in your blogs, you must do this.


  1. Always Use Popular Instagram Hashtags. If in case you don’t know, #wanderlust is a popular Instagram Hashtag for travel pictures. Knowing other popular hashtags and using it along with your photos can increase your photo views.


  1. Always remember to keep your brand name as hashtags. This seems ridiculous but in order to start an easy trend, you must use your site name as a hashtag in Instagram such as #AllinAllNews, #SkyHighWebs, etc.