Increase Your Website Traffic Using WhatsApp

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using WhatsApp

Nowadays, websites not only get their traffic from SEOs alone; socials networking sites have been a great help to them also. We are all familiar with Facebook posts, Tweets and even Instagram photos containing external links. Unknown to most of us, these are only a few of various methods of using social media in order to deliver quality traffic.

Increase Your Website Traffic Using WhatsApp
Increase Your Website Traffic Using WhatsApp


This guide, on the other hand, will teach you how to use WhatsApp in order to add traffic to your own personal website. As of this time, these are the possible ways of using WhatsApp plus in promoting your websites:

  1. Promoting via WhatsApp Status – If you have many friends in WhatsApp, you can just post something that will tell others about your site along with your site link. But whether your link is long or short (maybe you’re using or, you still cannot click the link directly since it will only display as a plain text.


  1. Promoting via Broadcast Articles – WhatsApp’s Broadcast Article feature is almost the same as sending multiple SMS messages to your friends in just one message, only longer. As of now, you can send a broadcast to at least 265 of your friends. This one, on the other hand, has the website URLs clickable.


  1. Promoting via WhatsApp Group – Just like in Facebook, you can create a group which can consist of up to 100 members, where you can post your blog and website updates and links the easy way. If you’re also a part of another group, you can post your links there, provided that posting links is permitted by your group’s creator or admin.


  1. Promoting via WhatsApp share button – Just like in Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you can put a WhatsApp share button directly in your blog or website, which enables WhatsApp users to share various web contents with each other.