iOS 9 Help Save Your Eyes and Sleep

How can iOS 9 Help Save Your Eyes and Sleep?

Nowadays, most people tend to use smartphones and tablets at about ten minutes or longer before bedtime. This is also the time that most of them tend to report that they don’t feel sleepy at all.

iOS 9 Help Save Your Eyes and Sleep
iOS 9 Help Save Your Eyes and Sleep


The truth is, researchers believe that the blue light emitted by your smartphone’s screen limits your melatonin that is produced by your body. In case you don’t know, melatonin is the hormone that tells you when it is the right time for you to sleep. And because of this, Apple has integrated a very interesting feature in their iOS 9, that is: Night Shift Mode.


Theoretically, iOS9’s Night Shift lets your iPad or iPhone to shift its color spectrum in the warmer side, therefore letting your body produce melatonin. If this happens, you will tend to sleep earlier than usual. What’s more amazing in this feature is that due to reduced brightness setting, our eyes also tend to benefit by receiving a considerably lesser strain. There is no proven study yet that limiting the blue light in our gadget’s screens can significantly affect our sleeping habits. However, if this theory is proven true, this will benefit us greatly.


If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running in iOS 9, you can easily turn on this feature by going under Display and Brightness setting that is located in the left-side menu. You can customize the setting’s time and frequency according to your taste.