iTunes Affiliate Program

How to Make Money by Using iTunes Affiliate Program

If you’re an internet blogger and are looking for an alternative to monetize your site, you can use the iTunes Affiliate program in order to have an additional income. This program is open to all its users and registration can be done for free. If you have app store links, you can use this program in order to monetize it.

iTunes Affiliate Program
iTunes Affiliate Program


If you’re interested in using this affiliate program, you must remember and do these things:

  1. Sign up in the iTunes Affiliate Program. Just as mentioned earlier, you can register in this program for free. However, you must also remember that in order to get your application approved by the program, you must have a working blog site. If you don’t have this one, your application will be immediately rejected. On the other hand, if you have a working blog site, you can wait for five working days before your application gets approved.


  1. Login to iTunes Dashboard and give your payment details. Once your application gets approved, log in to your dashboard then go to Settings then Payment Method. Put in your country’s currency and bank location then input your bank details. Check the Auto Selfbill/Payment Required option before clicking


  1. Once done, go to Tools on your dashboard. The Tools option lets you choose a certain option in order for you to monetize your blogs. Choose the one that will surely suit your blogs in the best way. Once set, your monetization strategy is good to go.