Monetize Your Sites without Using AdSense

How to Monetize Your Sites without Using AdSense

We are all doing something in order to benefit from it. Most of us are blogging in order to share our thoughts and views. However, it is much better if we can also have monetary profit from it. The electricity and internet bandwidth that we’re consuming isn’t free, after all.


If you’re a Blogger, I know that you must have stumbled upon Google AdSense. To those who didn’t know, Google AdSense is a know way for you to monetize your sites. However, since there are loads of bloggers out there, having your AdSense Account getting approved is also getting more difficult, if not impossible. Another fact is, you only earn a certain amount of money depending on your location. If you happen to have lots of followers in locations such as India and Malaysia, it can only add some coins into your account.

Monetize Your Sites without Using AdSense
Monetize Your Sites without Using AdSense


However, there are other ways that let you earn while you do your thing aside from AdSense, depending on what your site niche is. These are:


  1. Viglink – This advertising network is best when used along with Blogs or Websites with fashion-related niche content.


  1. Bidvertiser – Being Google’s number one rival, it can also display ads in your sites once you insert their site tag in your blog’s html.


  1. Affiliate Programs – These are programs that let you earn income in other ways, depending on what king of affiliate program you’re in. As of now, this is the best alternative when you choose not to use Google AdSense.