Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Users

Must-have Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Users

If you’re a hard-core Blogger, you must have already known that it’s very hard for blogs to get monetized, especially if you’re using Google AdSense. Whether you’re using Blogger or WordPress, the laws and results are nonetheless the same. That’s the reason why bloggers use other monetization techniques other than AdSense, the Affiliate Marketing being one of those.

Must-have Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Users

To those who didn’t know, Affiliate Marketing is a fast-rising website monetization technique which lets the blogger promote a certain product or service on his or her blogs. If one of his or her followers click the advertisement and avails the product or service, the blogger will then receive a product commission aside from the profit he or she will get from additional traffic. Needless to say, the more followers a blogger have, the bigger chances of having his or her endorsed products and services sold. And since affiliate links are easier to set up, this is becoming more popular nowadays.


If you’re a WordPress Blogger and you’re interested in the world of affiliate marketing, these are the best plug-ins for WordPress that we can recommend to you:


  1. Thirsty Affiliates – Being the first WordPress plug-in that we can recommend, Thirsty Affiliates is actually well-maintained and offers more features compared to any other plug-ins. The plug-in is free to download and use, though you need to pay a certain amount if you want to avail some of its bundled features like Google Link Tracking and Geolocation.


  1. Pretty Link Lite – This plug-in works best by shrinking, tracking and sharing any website URL on Twitter. What’s good with this one is that its user can actually experiment in shrinking website URLs.


  1. EasyAzon – If you’re an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, using this one will definitely suit your taste. Aside from adding links directly to your WordPress dashboard, EasyAzon uses geolocation techniques such as link localization in order to take its potential customer to the nearest Amazon Domain. Needless to say, if your follower is from the US, the EasyAzon link will then take him or her to Amazon US Website.


  1. WP Auto Affiliate Links – By using this plug-in, the WP Auto Affiliate Links will provide your link an associated keyword, making it easier to get detected by web crawlers.


  1. SkimLinks – To those who didn’t know, SkimLinks is actually an Ad Network which lets you add affiliate links directly to your Blog Post. Once done, it automatically adds keywords that can be actually monetized by the affiliate links. This plug-in can also help you earn more if you’re an Amazon Affiliate.