Must-Know Reasons why You must Advertise in Twitter

Must-Know Reasons why You must Advertise in Twitter

 When it comes to microblogging nowadays, there’s definitely no doubt that Twitter is now the first in rank. Because of its flexibility and lots of potential traffic and lead generation, Twitter Advertising is a must-do step, especially if you want to take your business to a whole new level.

Must-Know Reasons why You must Advertise in Twitter

The truth is, you can easily advertise in Twitter even without paying a single cent especially if you’re just new to the business. However, time will surely come that you need to pay in order to reach more potential customers.


Listed below are the reasons why you must invest in Twitter Advertising when it comes to promoting your business:

  1. Twitter Followers are no doubt active and ready to engage. According to past customer insight studies, businesses using Twitter as an advertising platform actually had a very good head start due to the fact that at least seventy percent of Twitter followers have shared or re-tweeted their posts concerning their own businesses. In addition to that, they had also gained voluntary followers right after that.


  1. You’ll just pay when someone follows you. What’s better with Twitter Ads is the fact that you will only pay for the ads when a Twitter user follows your account. Needless to say, this is much better since there’s no need for you to pay for overhead and maintenance costs compared to other social networking sites.


  1. Twitter’s success formula is plain and simple. Due to the fact that word length is somewhat limited, you as a businessman can save yourself from lengthy talks. You can just put a call-to-action button in your Twitter post in order for keep in touch with your subscribers and the rest is up to them.


  1. Proximity features that keep in touch with your goals. Due to the fact that Twitter advertisements can be customized according to your taste, you can save yourself from targeting the wrong followers and subscribers. By specifying your advertisement’s target Gender, Language, Geographical Location, Keywords, Interests and device, you can get followers and subscribers almost instantly.


  1. Twitter’s Lead Generation Tools are actually great for business. Most businesses underestimate this one due to the fact that most of them think that followers are just nothing. What they don’t know is the fact that those ‘useless followers’ still generate leads to their posts just by simply clicking and viewing the posts for at least a while. In addition to that fact, Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards capture email addresses which can be used for other marketing purposes aside from building mailing lists.