PayPal Alternatives: The Top 4 Payment Processors for Online Transactions

Let’s admit it… PayPal is the number one payment processor up-to-date.  And why wouldn’t it be when it allows its clients to make transactions around the globe in just a few clicks.  The company serves individuals and even business entities.  It provides top-notch security system and online service for the comfort of its clients.



Despite these positive points, PayPal has its limitations such as country restrictions, high transaction fees, lack of support in some particular areas, and even putting payments on hold.  Hence, some individuals are seeking for alternatives and we cannot dissuade them, can we?


For the record, we have provided you the list of the top 5 Paypal alternatives which can provide you the service you need and that is to be able to transact online.


  1. Payoneer

Perhaps you have heard of Payoneer from other and it is more likely so since it’s the talk among freelancers, internet business marketers… and well, Payoneer aficionados.  Payoneer gives you several ways to receive funds including global transfers, local bank transfers and/or through its reloadable credit card.


Great news for those who want to give Payoneer a try.  Signing up your account is free of charge and once you have done a $100 transaction, you will receive a $25 bonus.


  1. Payza

Formerly known as AlertPay, Payza enables you to transact to over 190 countries.  It offers two account types— free account and business account.  It also charges 2.5% which is lower than PayPal transaction fee.


Payza also supports debit and credit cards from most recognized countries.  You can also easily add funds to your Payza funds through a bank transfer or a credit card transfer.


  1. Skrill

You might not be familiar with Skrill, but you may have heard of Moneybookers.  Well, Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers.  Anyway, this alternative let you transact money online and gives you the ability to shop online, too.  Over 200 countries cover and accept Skrill transactions and only charges a meager 1.7- 2.9% depending on the amount.  If you want a prepaid MasterCard from Skrill, then you may request or it easily.


  1. Google Wallet

You may have heard about Google joining the online mobile transactions and transfers.  This newest Google service enables you to store various cards like debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cards.  For your comfort, you have the option to integrate with your Google Account.  No need to worry about security as it is tightly monitored for fraud.  Unfortunately, the service is limited to the US at the moment.