How to Remove Photo Backgrounds without Using Photoshop


When it comes to editing photos or merely removing an ugly background of your favorite selfie picture, Adobe Photoshop readily comes to your mind.  The app contains all the tools you need in order to beautify your photo or make it artful.  Tools like background eraser and extract filter can help you erase the not-so-impressive background of your photo.


Remove Photo Backgrounds without Using Photoshop
Remove Photo Backgrounds without Using Photoshop


On the other hand, if you do not have access to Adobe Photoshop but have an internet connection nevertheless, you can try the online photo editor called FotoFlexer.  Just click on the Geek tab and you can easily access the Smart Scissors feature that pretty much works just like the Magnetic Lasso in Adobe Photoshop.    Finally, when you’re done cropping out the unnecessary background, you can click on Create Cutout and you’re finished! Note that these cutouts can be saved in either .jpg or.png format.


Okay, let us do the process step by step:



  1. Open FotoFlexer via your browser and upload the photo you want to edit.
  2. Once inside, click on the Geek tab and search for the tool called Smart Scissors.
  3. You can draw a rough boundary around the image subject you want to cut out from the background. Notice that a pair of little scissors does its work.
  4. Once you’re done and satisfied with your selection, hit Create Cutout and your work is done.
  5. Save in either .jpg or .png format or you can also save the picture in both formats.




  • You can also extract images from group photos and paste it with another cutout.





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