Email Sender’s Company and Logo inside Your Gmail Inbox

How to See an Email Sender’s Company and Logo inside Your Gmail Inbox

Most of us are now using Gmail when sending and receiving messages. Since Gmail can be used with any social media accounts, this is surely the most frequently-used site by everyone. In addition to that, Gmail is frequently updated in order to make sure that it is always user-friendly.


However, Gmail by itself isn’t perfect so whether we like it or not, it is still prone to spam emails. And if it isn’t spam, we are receiving TOO MUCH EMAIL, confusing us most of the time. And if your friend happens to use more than one email service (e.g. Gmail plus Yahoo, etc.) along with multiple social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), sending and receiving messages will become complicated since you have to open EVERY EMAIL just in order for you to know where it came from. This is the reason why Gmail Sender Icons, a Google Chrome extension, is made.

Email Sender’s Company and Logo inside Your Gmail Inbox
Email Sender’s Company and Logo inside Your Gmail Inbox


What is Gmail Sender Icons?

Just as was mentioned earlier, Gmail Sender Icons is a Google Chrome extension (.crx file), meaning that you can only use it inside Google Chrome alone. When installed, it enables you to see the email sender’s company and logo BEFORE OPENING IT. Needless to say, you can easily identify (mostly by intuition) whether the email sent to you is legitimate or not. In this way, you can easily make a reply if the email happens to be sent to you by a friend. The feature is possible since the chrome extension uses the InboxSDK library in order to identify and sort out emails. This is useful if your Gmail address keeps on receiving lots of email, regardless of the issue whether the emails are unsolicited or not.


You can get the Gmail Sender Icons directly from the Chrome Web Store. If you’re interested in using it, just click Add Extension and let Google Chrome do the rest. After the installation, refresh your browser before logging in to your own Gmail account to see the results.


Clicking the corresponding chrome extension icon will display two options, the first one being the Show Domain Icons and the other one being the Show Domain Text option. The first one is responsible for showing the web domain’s company logo while the other one is for showing the domain’s web address (e.g.,, etc.).