How to Shoot a Video Interview the Successful Way

How to Shoot a Video Interview the Successful Way

Nowadays, if you’re a Blogger, it’s necessary for you to make a video interview for your audience. Whenever you do some interviews regarding products such as gadgets or cars, it’s more convincing if you have a video review. Writing blog reviews is still very necessary. However, if you put some video reviews in your blog article, that will give your audience something to look up to.

How to Shoot a Video Interview the Successful Way

Always keep in your mind that making video interviews aren’t easy. There are some important things to remember, especially if you want it to become successful. And if you’re interested to know what those are, kindly read the instructions that are listed below.


  1. Carefully choose the venue and time for the interview. Aside from the fact that you must take note of the availability of the you’re going to interview (even if he or she is your friend or companion), make sure that the venue where you will do the video interview has the necessary power and enough lighting, especially if you’re going to do the interview during night time. If it isn’t that obvious, time is an essential factor since you’re not going to shoot the entire video interview for a very long time.


  1. List and get all of the necessary video shooting equipment. Since we’re talking about a real video interview here, you must make sure that you have the necessary video cameras (if you’re shooting at multiple angles) and lighting equipment (if the venue’s lighting isn’t enough) are both available. Needless to say, if you have high-definition cameras, the better the video interview is going to become.


  1. Don’t forget to prepare the overall ‘Interview Script’. Whether you like it or not, a video interview isn’t done on a ‘Reality Show’ format where everything depends on the mercy of the camera. Needless to say, if you don’t want the one you’re going to interview to feel awkward or become speechless, you must make sure that he or she gets the interview questions beforehand. This will enable him or her to formulate his or her words right before the interview.


  1. Get the Right Camera Angles and Shot. You must make sure that the person you’re going to interview must get the proper attention by ensuring that the cameras get the right shot, regardless of angle. And since you’re the interviewer, you must make sure that the camera focuses on you during the right moments.