Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store

How to Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store

Whether you’re just an Apple user or developer, you already know that different apps are now swarming the internet nowadays. Just take a look in Apple’s App Store and you will see various iOS apps that promises to satisfy your need. Whether you’re just downloading games or addicted to social media sites like Facebook, only one fact remains obvious: Someone had programmed that application. Due to the fact that apps are now becoming a potential tool for attracting future customers aside from having a monetary value, more app programmers are now becoming interested to give it a try.


Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store
Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store


If you want to become an Apple Developer, you must have an account first. Becoming one is relatively easy, since you can register to become an Apple Developer just for free. However, if you want to submit your games to App Store, you must also register as an iOS Developer, which is way different than the previous one.


Before anything else, if you’re planning to become an iOS Developer, you must have the following: A valid or working credit card with US$99 and a Mac computer having an OS X 10.7 installed.


How to Become an iOS Developer

  1. You must register first as an Apple Developer. Go straight to iOS Dev Center and click the Register Just follow the instructions and verify your registration via code which they will send you via email.


  1. Join the iOS Developer Program to become an iOS Developer. This is the part where you will need a credit card and US$99. Just click the Continue option after your Apple Developer registration and fill-up the necessary instructions.


Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store
Submit Your Apps to Apple App Store