How to Utilize Facebook Ads as a Part of Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to Utilize Facebook Ads as a Part of Inbound Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, more companies are using social networking sites in order to promote their business further. And right now, Facebook ranks first when it comes to this kind of promotional strategy. This is possible because of the fact that more Facebook users, young and old alike, are being added to their number every day.

How to Utilize Facebook Ads as a Part of Inbound Marketing Strategy

Most of us will probably think that those who are using Facebook Ads actually earn more than what they expected from the beginning. The truth is, only a few have managed to achieve this, while the rest thinks that they’re only wasting time and money. However, thinking that way is definitely wrong.


Facebook Ads is very useful if one knows how to use this properly. Most people tend to waste money because they failed on making the much-needed plans before working it out. And if you’re one of those who want to use Facebook for the promotion of your own site, listed below are the things that you must do:


  1. Focus mainly on Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing requires that you, as a businessman, must have your ads made for a certain target audience. Due to the fact that most people aren’t ready to buy what you actually offer, there’s a need for you to specify your target. Needless to say, promotions concerning your product or service discounts and ads about your company goals are different from one another.


  1. Don’t forget to use Facebook + Content feature. If you’re using Facebook Ads, you can use the content feature so that your Ads will just target those Facebook profiles of those who are under the required age bracket. By specifying your targets in this feature, chances are that you will not eventually waste your money just to do useless promotions. Once good example is that when you endorse a beauty product, you can target people around ages 20 and up while toy ads will mostly work to those who are twelve years old below.


  1. Choose and Hire the right People. Just like what people do in outbound marketing, you must hire the right kind of people who will make the Facebook Ads for you. If you decide to use a celebrity for a video advertisement, make sure that the celebrity or whoever you’re hiring will certainly fit his or her job description. Needless to say, if you’re endorsing a beauty product or service, you must at least try to hire beautiful and handsome faces.