What is the Definition of Web Hosting Service?

Nowadays, we all know that more people use the power of internet in order to promote their various business ventures. Having personal websites or blogs gives them more potential income due to lots of potential and interested customers. That is the reason why most businesses now avail web hosting services in order to provide their customers easy access to their offered services via Internet.

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What is Web Hosting, by the way? Web hosting is a known type of Internet Hosting that makes their client’s websites available and accessible in the World Wide Web. In order to make things short, a Web Hosting Service is the one that provides that particular type of service to their clients and customers.


Web hosting services have different types, which can be of use depending on the client’s need. They could either provide small-scale file hosting by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web Interface, colocation or data space and connectivity in the Internet or even manage and maintain their client’s sites and web pages.


Personal web pages and blogs use a single page web hosting service, which allows the users to post their web pages and blogs via Internet. Some sites such as Blogger and WordPress offer this service free of charge, though the sites’ URL are being displayed along with the domain’s ‘.blogspot’ and ‘.wordpress’ address tag. Other web hosting services, on the other hand, offers additional services such as providing access to forums and content management through the use of various programs such as PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion and ASP.net. Clients who have sites or pages with sensitive information can also avail Secure Socket Layer features from the said Web Hosting Service providers.


However, there are also Web Hosting Services that provide their clients premium service and site contents for a fee. Needless to say, these are the sites that provide not just web hosting but in its service of highest known quality. If in case that you’re somehow interested in quality web hosting service, kindly check http://bluehost.in/?utm_source=affiliate&a_aid=d414fe4b