Will SEO and Internet Traffic be affected if I Change WordPress Themes

Will SEO and Internet Traffic be affected if I Change WordPress Themes?

In the past, the Internet isn’t that concerned when it comes to Search Engine Optimizations and traffic. However, due to the fact that there are many fraudulent sites out on the internet nowadays, Google and other search engines had decided to make a standard. Needless to say, when you try to make a blog nowadays, be informed that you have to follow the important rules, especially if you want to make sure that your blogs will benefit you someday. Blogging nowadays isn’t about posting articles then leave it to acquire some nice traffic, you know.

Will SEO and Internet Traffic be affected if I Change WordPress Themes
Will SEO and Internet Traffic be affected if I Change WordPress Themes


SEO and Internet Traffic

Before anything else, let’s talk briefly about these two things. In case that you’re new to Blogging yourself, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the internet system which makes sure that your blogs are being seen on the World Wide Web as it is. Nowadays, SEO has a ranking system of some sort which is affected by criteria such as content originality, site look, loading speed, blog availability, ease of access, contact information and much more. Your Blog or Site’s SEO ranking actually depends on how you actually follow the rules. Needless to say, the more rules you follow, the higher your SEO ranking is. And the higher your site’s SEO ranking is, the easier it will gather viewers, which bring you internet traffic. All in all, the accumulated internet traffic will be your earnings, which can be seen on a daily analytics.


Changing WordPress Themes

Nowadays, most WordPress Themes like Thesis and Genesis have built-in SEO options, therefore letting you change themes without affecting your WordPress Site’s accumulated traffic. However, if you’re using a WordPress theme that doesn’t follow SEO requirements, chances are that your accumulated traffic will go back to zero once you decide to change your theme. This is usually the reason why some Bloggers don’t change their site theme for good once it gets set up. You can still change your WordPress theme if you’re still new and if that your WordPress Blog isn’t gathering much traffic yet. However, you must not make it into your standard blogging habit, especially if you want to earn real traffic. People usually get confused if the sites they are following tend to have a new look ever month, you know.


However, if you think that your site really needs improvement and it requires changing your present theme, you must make sure that you’re using the Free WordPress SEO plugin, which is made by Yoast. Being one of the best WordPress plug-ins nowadays, the SEO plugin automatically handles your WordPress Blog’s on-page and on-site SEO. This makes sure that your Blog’s SEO doesn’t get affected whenever you decide to change themes.