Grammarly for Google Chrome

Grammarly: Works Great in Correcting Spelling Mistakes

When it comes to correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, there are many word-proofing tools in the internet to choose from nowadays. Whether it is free or in premium version, most of us are asking: Is it working?


To those who don’t speak English very well, there’s a chance that some of them usually don’t pay attention in grammar. As long as they are using English words, it’s okay. But to those who know, using word-proofing tools, especially in blogging, is a necessity.

Grammarly for Google Chrome
Grammarly for Google Chrome


Entering the Scene: Grammarly

Grammarly is now dominating the internet due to its ease-of-access and word-proofing power. It’s not yet excellent, though, but it works. For the basics, Grammarly is a spelling and grammar correction tool that promises you to correct your word and sentence formulation mistakes in seconds. Not only it corrects your grammar; it also takes a look at your punctuations and much more. It is also supported by various web browsers and sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and WordPress. By using their plugins or browser extensions, you can almost correct any spelling mistake anywhere on the web.


If you are using Microsoft Office (who’s not, by the way?), Grammarly also provides an Office Word add-in to extend your Grammarly in Word platform. You can still use the built-in Word proof-reader but, we all know that it is not that accurate. So why don’t you try adding up Grammarly for a change?


Be informed also that, just like other word-proofing tools out there, Grammarly also provides a premium version which is much better than the free one.