Discipline Your Kid without Shouting or Yelling

How to Discipline Your Kid without Shouting or Yelling

It is normal for most parents to yell or shout at their kids whenever they commit acts that they disapprove. Most parents find it convenient due to the fact that kids usually tend to stop doing the wrong things. However, unknown to most parents, shouting or yelling at kids not only instill fear towards them; it also affects their kids in a psychological way. In the end, this could result in more problems than you already have.

Discipline Your Kid without Shouting or Yelling
Discipline Your Kid without Shouting or Yelling


It is good to know that you can also discipline your child even without shouting. This can also save some of your energy used while shouting and your child’s behavior will also improve along the way.


  1. State and Establish Clear and Definite Rules. Though you may have to ‘recap’ those rules again and again, it is usually required for you to do this due to the fact that as a child, he or she does not have the ability to memorize your entire rule list. However, always make sure that whenever you state a clear rule, he or she must understand what it is and what it is for him or her.


  1. State some of the negative consequences of your child’s actions when possible. A good example is that you must tell your child that there’s a chance for him or her to cut him or herself if he or she plays with a knife or blade or something to that effect. Due to the fact that children tend to get more interested, be more vigilant when it comes to watching his or her activities.


  1. Offer some warning prior to the misconduct or wrongdoing. There’s a time that you need to warn your child if he or she chooses to do what you don’t want. This could either mean imposing some strict discipline in order to discourage him or her such as cutting off some allowances and the like.