What You Must Do in Case the your Child Won’t Listen to You


There are instances that you, as a parent will encounter a scene where your child chooses to put his or her hands into their ears instead of listening to you. If you’re a parent of that child, it’s a sad thing to say but maybe, their behavior must have infuriated and frustrated you more, therefore resulting in needless beatings or excessive use of force in your part. It’s not really surprising since most parents are stressed out because of daily events in their lives.

What You Must Do in Case the your Child Won’t Listen to You
What You Must Do in Case the your Child Won’t Listen to You


However, let us inform you that whenever a child covers his or her ears while you are talking, it does not mean that he or she doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say. The truth is, it’s just that like you, he or she is somewhat stressed also. So if that case happens next time, you must try to do these things:


  1. Always try to moderate your voice. Needless to say, most parents tend to talk when their children commit bad deeds that make them angry most of the time. If that’s the case, there’s an instance that you, as a parent might not have noticed that your voice can be somewhat close to a shout or yell. If you notice that your voice is somewhat higher than usual, kindly moderate it.


  1. Always provide clear instructions to your child. If you want your child to do something, always tell them what is to be done in a nice way. If you want them to wash their plates after eating, just tell them plainly and kindly. By doing this, you’re giving him or her clear instructions.


  1. Use a little child-like approach. Children tend to listen to those who are really close to them. As a parent, always make sure that you’re not building up a figure that will make them fear you. Instead, always make sure that you’re parent that they both love and approach at the same time by showing a little childish side.



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