3D Printing

3D Printing : Individuality in Creating Things

You might have heard of 3D printing but dismissed is as another age for the printing technology.  Well, at least you’re right in concluding about it.  It is indeed another era for the printing technology, only that it is truly interesting when you at least hear the products of this innovation.


3D Printing
3D Printing


Have you heard of printed runway dresses, shoes, film props, and house models? No, they weren’t created with cardboard type materials but with something called ‘filament.’  Instead of the ink that an ‘ordinary’ printer has, a 3D printer uses this filament that is laid down by layers to build a 3D structure or creation.  After printing out the object, it might be a little rough on the surface but you can easily remedy that using an acetone cleaning fluid.


The 3D printing industry wants to revolutionize creating things which may be a serious threat in big companies.  Imagine that you can make things in the premise of your own home.  Make your own smart phone, car and even the basic tools inside your home?


Think of the free- creation platforms like what Google has been doing now with their Project Ara or the Onion Omega we heard last April? If we can create software and hardware components and print out products, what kind of revolution this could bring into our world? We won’t be contained in waiting by what the big companies will make and produce for us.  Instead, we can make things on our own at any time provided that we have the necessary components to create.


Additionally, the 3D printing technology endeavors to contribute greatly in the area of medicine.  Through this printing process and the patient’s stem cells, doctors can replicate the organ(s) he or she needs.  The patient doesn’t have to wait before a donor comes out.  Many lives may be saved through this wonderful piece of technology.


Currently, they are able to produce organs like the bladder but in the near future, they may be able to replicate complex organs like that of the heart.  This is an exciting piece of innovation we’re talking about here so stay updated of the 3D’s progress in the near future.