Anna University – 4th and 6th semesters results

Anna University is known for its academic records all over India. It offers professional degrees to students which includes but not limited to Engineering, MBA, MCA etc. Students consider getting an admission in Anna /university or colleges affiliated to Anna University prestigious. The timetable of academic year of Anna University is fixed at the start of the academic year itself and normally the academic year goes according to it only. But when there is an unavoidable circumstance, they will change that calendar keeping it very close to the original calendar possible.

The time table also includes at what time they should apply their examination fee, at what time they should complete their syllabus, at what time internal and external exams will be held, at what time lab externals will held, at what time results will be declared etc. This pre-planned schedule will not only help the lecturers and professors to plan their teaching schedule better but also helps the students to get prepared for the exams in advance.

The 4th and 6th semesters of the college are very important. The first year will go on by the time you actually know about the college. In 4th year you will spend most of your time on project, job interviews, placements, seminars, ppts etc. So 2nd and 3rd years are the ideal time to study and get good percentage. In fact, most of the subjects that appear in GATE will come from 2nd and 3rd year topics of engineering only.

In Anna University, the academic schedule got released for 4th and 6th semester for the engineering students who got admission through TNEA and management seats a year ago. All the colleges affiliated to Anna University and university itself follows the same schedule. Students and lecturers/professors are always advised to follow this timetable to complete their syllabus in time. Now the detailed exam timetable also got released for 4th and 6th semester students i.e. which exam will be held on what day.  The 2nd semester exam timetable will probably release in May 2014. For further details and to download the exam schedule which will commence in May/June 2014 students are advised to visit