Asp.Net – Football schedule project

Developing and implementing a project in Asp .Net is very easy when compared with other softwares. Asp .Net, unlike other programmable languages, easy to learn and now a days most of the projects that are done by software companies are developed on only. So if anybody who is pursing computer degrees like CSE, MCA etc. did their project in Asp .Net then the chances of getting a job is very high for them because of vacancies in the Asp .Net category. There are several projects and several new ideas which are yet to be implemented. Let us consider an example of Football scheduler i.e. a project in Asp .Net in which the schedule for the football matches are automatically done based on the inputs given by the user.

This software solves several problems that generally occur while planning a schedule.  By using this software the matches are planned perfectly taking care of all the problems. This software not only prepares schedules but also implements several advanced features like adding extra day, analysing results, scheduling matches based on winners and also based on point calculations etc. The code for this project is also very simple and anyone with basic understanding of Asp .Net can easily understand and explain this project.

Preparing a match schedule for any tournament is a hefty task. Sometimes each team has to play with every other team where as in some cases, the tournament is divided into different groups. Sometimes bad weather may stop a match and you have to reschedule it taking care of ground needs, players fitness, viewership, referee availability etc. So it is a more complex task than it is said to be done. To make these entire things automatic we had implemented this project.

This project can be done as mini or main project for CSE or other engineering students and also as mini-project for MCA students. This may not suit as a main project for MCA students because implementing this project in Asp .Net is very simple and doing such simple project as MCA main project will under estimate one’s talent.