C language project : Bank Account System

C is considered as the basic programming language. All the students who had completed any professional degree must have at least some idea about ‘C’ language. Doing a project like Bank Account System in C language will not only increase your understanding about basics of C language but also enables you to understand the practical problems in the banking sector like security, database management etc. It is always better to implement highly secured projects like OS, Banking, Share Market in either C language or in java. Even bigger software companies also prefer these two languages while implementing confidential projects

C language project : Bank Account System
C language project : Bank Account System


Banking Account system involves maintaining different database for each and every customer and updating all his transactions to that particular database. We must also keep it secure so that no unauthorized person will have the authority to access it. This project not only requires higher accuracy without any errors but also maximum speed possible in updating transactions. It is always better than the pen and paper system. The computerization of the system not only solves the manpower problem but also helps in effectively using the available man power. This system also helps in doing the regular jobs like monitoring the bank data, transactions, suspicious accounts etc. in an easy and effective way.

The Bank Account System will be installed in the branches of the banks. It will help in stabilizing the entire bank operations with fair and clean system which will update quickly, accurately and effectively. Another important thing about this system is its flexibility to accommodate future enhancements. No system is perfect and this system must also be enabled to further improvements. This project can be upgraded very easily and in case of improvement, there is no need to rewrite the entire code and any one can easily upgrade the project according to the needs of the banks.

Software industry is relying on banking sector for most of the times. Big software companies always target the banking sector as the projects in banking sector is not only big but also gives huge revenues to the companies. So if anybody who already knows the basic concepts related to banking will have an edge in the interviews when compared with others.

download Project Report  and sample code of  CSE Bank account C Project  .