C++ project : Android OS

Android OS project is a good choice for MCA and CSE final year students to implement as main project. Android is a famous mobile operating system which is owned by Google Inc. This operating system started as a mobile operating system but now Google is trying to use the same OS for TVs, Cameras and other electronic gadgets. Developing an Android OS in C++ will be a challengeable project to computer science graduate or even postgraduate students. Most of you might know that Android OS is developed on the Linux Kernel and java is used as a software programming language. Most of the mobile sets are using Android these days because of its flexibility, adaptability and user friendly nature.

You can write software code in any language and it can be adapted to Android as Android uses ARM native code to implement. Google and Open Handset Alliance both contributed to the development of this language. Several mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony etc are using Android as their operating system for most of their models. The employment opportunities in the Android is very high when compared with the other software languages and doing a project like this will help you not only in completing your main project but also gives you a better chance in interviews.

Android search can be implemented by C++. C++ is an extension of ‘C’ language and one with strong basics in ‘C’ language can easily understand this language. Android OS is flexible and one can develop their own apps from any system and install it on the devices running on Android OS. The customer base for Android is very huge and doing one successful project will give you lot of income and several other offers. This project is very easy to understand and to develop also. This project will help you in understanding different terms like SDK tools, Emulator, Eclipse IDE etc. which will play a crucial role while doing your job. The documentation required for this project is also very simple and it is already developed project, thus one won’t find any difficulty in doing this project at any time.

download Project Report,project code and paper presentation  of CSE Android operating system project .